October 7, 2013

Introduce yourself in Uzbek [Special request]

Assalomu alaykum,

Today we learn how to introduce ourselves in Uzbek language.This is a special request lesson from the Uzbek language learner and reader!
Greeting plays most important role to make a first impression. And get to know other individuals.
"In Uzbek culture it is polite that younger person initiates
the greeting. When Uzbek men start greeting, they place their right hand over their heart and bow slightly forward about a second. If they are close to one another to shake a hands, place your left hand over your heart and shake hands.

introduce yourself in uzbek
It is considered rude for a young man to walk up and extend hand to older man expecting him to greet older man. When a man greet an adult woman he generally will not extend his hands for a shake, simply puts his hand over chest. If the woman is considerably older, he may lower his shoulder for her to touch it lightly in greeting.When Uzbek women meet, they place their right hand over left shoulder of the other person. Young women will often simply shake hands like men do. When a woman greet an adult man, she will place her hand over chest and greets verbally."
- Uzbeks

 ------ Now, on with the lesson -----

Phrasebook v4.0 covers topic of Introduce yourself, tried to include all possible scenarios for the first version. Hope it helps! Please leave a comment and let us know if you want to see other versions of the Introduce yourself in Uzbek for future to extend this Uzbek phrases list!

Assalomu alaykumHello
sharif / familiyasurname
Ismingiz nima?What's your name?
Mening ismim ...My name is ...
Tanishganimdan xursandmanNice to meet you
Yaxshimisiz?How are you doing?
Yaxshi, rahmat!Good, thanks
Kim bo'lib ishlaysiz?What do you do for living?
Men ishlaymanI work
Men muhandismanI am an engineer
Men talabamanI am a student
Qayerdansiz?Where are you from?
O'zbekistondanmanI am from Uzbekistan
O'zbekmanI am Uzbek
Qayerda yashaysiz?Where do you live?
Men O'zbekistonda yashaymanI live in Uzbekistan
Men Angliyada yashaymanI live in England
Men Angliyadan keldimI came from England
Sizga bu yer yoqadimi?Do you like it here?
Juda hamVery much
O'zbekcha gapirasizmi?Do you speak Uzbek?
Men O'zbekcha gapirmaymanI don't speak Uzbek
BirozJust a little
Menga O'zbek tili yoqadiI like Uzbek
Men O'zbek tilini o'rganishga harakat qilyapmanI am trying to learn Uzbek
Bu murakkab tilit's a hard language
Siz bilan shug'illansam bo'ladimi?Can I practice with you?
AlbattaOf course
Juda yaxshi, rahmatThat's very good, thanks
O'rganishga harakat qilyapmantrying to learn
Inglizcha gapirasizmi?Do you speak English?
Bu oson tilit's an easy language
Menga Ingliz tili yoqadiI like English
Necha yoshdasiz?How old are you?
Men yigirma besh (25) yoshdamanI am twenty five (25) years old
Gaplashganimdan xursandmanIt was nice talking to you
Ko'rishganimdan xursandmanIt was nice meeting you
Ko'rishgunchaSee you
XayrGood bye

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Introduce yourself in Uzbek
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  1. Salom Feruz!
    This is typos:
    Men O'zbekistonda yaxshayman - Men O'zbekistonda yashayman
    Men Angliyada yaxshayman - Men Angliyada yashayman
    By the way! How to say typos in Uzbek language? Xato?

    1. Assalomu alaykum Aziza opa,

      Many thanks for review of the lesson. I have now fixed the misspells!

      I think "mistake", "error" is "xato" in Uzbek, maybe "typo" can also be translated as "xato", but more like "harfiy xato" - literally means "letter mistake" or "misspell".


    2. or more appropriate translation is "imloviy xato"

    3. Feruzjon!
      "Misspelling" — noto'g'ri yozuv yoki siz deygan harfiy xato, imloviy xato.
      Lekin menimcha "typo" — bosma xatosi bo'lsa kerakdir.
      Bosma xato — ruscha "опечатка".
      Nima deysiz? :)

    4. To'g'ri aytasiz!

      imloviy xato - agar imloda xatolik bo'lsa,
      siz aytgandek, typo - bosma xato!

      rahmat! :)

  2. Va aleykum assalom, Feruzjon!
    Ulug' ishlaringisga katta rahmat!
    Lekin savolim bor.
    Is it correct? - Shunday bo'lsa to'g'rimi?
    bir oz - a little
    faqat - just
    bir oz faqat = bir oz faqatgina - just a little

    1. Rahmat!

      You are right, it took a while to decide if this phrase is correct or not. But finally "just a little" - "bir oz" seem to give exact translation and meaning.

      Oz - a little (amount)
      Bir oz - just a little (a little amount)

      "just", as we know, has a lot of meaning, but in this case it is only _intensifier_.

      Please correct me if I am wrong! Thank you very much!

      by the way, Aziza opa, I see that you teach Russian and Uzbek languages. Am I right?

    2. Feruzjon!
      O'zbek — ikkinchi ona tilim. Bolalikimda fakat O'zbekistonda yashadim.
      Ancha eshitmadim ham gapiralmadim.
      Ona tilimni yaxshi bilishni juda xohlaiman.
      Yordamingizga juda xursandman! Katta rahmat!