June 10, 2012

Question Sentences - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum,

Today We are going to learn how to ask/make question sentences in Uzbek.
I should also mention that there are 3 types of the sentences: Question sentences, Informative sentences, Command/Desire sentences named relatively So'roq gaplar, Darak gaplar, Buyruq/Istak gaplar.

So in this lesson we will learn about Question sentences - So'roq gaplar!
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First let us list all question words:

Vocabulary list

English O'zbekcha
Why?Nima uchun?

Some examples in practice

English O'zbekcha
Who are you?Siz kimsiz?
What do you like?Siz nima yoqtirasiz?
How do you go the hotel?Mehmonxonaga qanday boriladi?
Which color do you like?Siz qaysi rangni yoqtirasiz?
Where is Mustaqillik street?Mustaqillik ko'chasi qayerda?
When do you travel Uzbekistan?O'zbekistonga qachon safar qilasiz?
Why are you learning Uzbek language?O'zbek tilini nima uchun o'rganyapsiz?

And there are also question suffixes (-mi, -chi, -a, -ya) as well as questions with tune. We will learn more Question words and Question suffixes in later lessons.  Stay connected!

Did I miss anything? Please let me know!

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Question Sentences - Learn Uzbek Language
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