January 13, 2013

Short dialogs in Uzbek - Greetings

Assalomu alaykum (Hello),

I thought of making short dialog that can be subjected to particular one topic or situation. These type of lessons may usually hold additional information about Uzbek culture, Grammar and Vocabulary explanations, Audio, Video, etc. It can be vary from Beginners level to Advanced level.

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person 1: Assalomu alaykum!
person 2: Vaalaykum assalom! Xush kelibsiz! Marhamat kiring!
person 1: Rahmat!


assalomu alaykum! Hello or (How do you do?)
vaalaykum assalom! Hello (in respond to Hello)
xush well, good
kelibsiz you have come
xush kelibsiz welcome
marhamat please
kirmoq to enter (infinitive)
kiring come in (imperative, singular or plural polite)
rahmat thank you

Vocabulary explanation

The greeting Assalomu alaykum! is a very common greeting. It is from an Arabic greeting meaning "peace be upon you!" The invariable respond must be Vaalaykum assalom which is also from an Arabic greeting, meaning "I also wish you peace!". But nowadays, most Uzbeks use same Assalomu alaykum also in the respond.

Uzbeks also use different greetings at different times of the day. The most appropriate respond for any of these greetings is to respond the greeting. 

Xayrli tong Good morning
Xayrli kun Good day (Good afternoon)
Xayrli kech (Xayrli oqshom) Good evening
Xayrli tun Good night
Yaxshimisiz? How are you?
Omonmisiz? How are you? (used mostly by women)
Esonmisiz? How are you?
Salom Hi (Hello)

I hope you got something out of this lesson. And I wish you all Happy New Year, 2013!

Ko'rishguncha! (See you!)

Short dialogs in Uzbek - Greetings
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