February 24, 2012

Personal Pronouns - Learn Uzbek Language

This lesson about personal pronouns, I tried to make it short and useful, so let's get started.

English O'zbekcha
I Men
You Sen, Siz*
He/She U
We Biz
You (plural) Siz, Sizlar*
They Ular

-Sen is used only for young children and close friends. -Siz is used for anyone else.
-The plural of sen is siz.
-Sizlar represents more than one singular siz.
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Unlike most Uzbek verbs the present tense of the verb "to be" (bo'l-) has no written form. It is the Uzbek
language's only irregular verb. Instead, the personal pronouns (or modified forms thereof) are attached directly to the preceding adjective or noun. The forms are as follows:

Men      noun/adjective+man                       Biz      noun/adjective+miz
Siz      noun/adjective+siz                     Sizlar      noun/adjective+sizlar
Sen      noun/adjective+san                     Siz      noun/adjective+siz
U      noun/adjective*                     Ular      noun/adjective*

So, the English phrase "I am Uzbek" would be "Men o'zbekman" in Uzbek. "You are Uzbek" would be "Siz o'zbeksiz." "He/she is Uzbek" would be "U o'zbek."

Some examples:

English O'zbekcha
from noun/adjective+dan
I am from Bukhara. Men Buxorodanman.
You (s/f) are from Samarqand. Siz Samarqanddansiz.
You (s/i) are from Samarqand. Sen Samarqanddansan.
He/She/It is from Tashkent. U Toshkentdan.
We are from Qarshi. Biz Qarshidanmiz.
You (p/f) are from Ferghana. Sizlar Farg'onadansizlar.
You (p/i) are from Ferghana. Siz Farg’onadansiz.
They are from Nukus. Ular Nukusdan.

Did I miss something? Please let me know, your favorite parts and what would you want to learn for the next lesson, in the comments.

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Personal Pronouns - Learn Uzbek Language
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