February 8, 2012

Best tool - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum,

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I, myself learning language everyday and I use few tools to learn efficiently and increase my vocabulary.

One of them is Anki which I love using, you can download program in your phone or you computer.
You can create your own decks/vocabulary/phrase list to repeat everyday, this technique is very intuitive and efficient (repetition is the key of learning). There are ready decks across the web where language learner (not only language learners but any learners) create their own deck and share to the world, so you can download ready decks and use them to learn.

Having said that it was a while I am using Anki and I thought why not to create simple deck and share deck to Uzbek Language Learners. So that is I did. I have created English-Uzbek deck, which contains vocabulary, very random subjects and few phrases. Don't take it fast, learn everyday one session and try to remember and repeat.

So Go ahead and download Anki and download English-Uzbek deck and good luck with vocabulary learning...

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Best tool - Learn Uzbek Language
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