March 12, 2013

Numbers in Uzbek - Complete set

Assalomu alaykum! 

Here is the complete list of Numbers in Uzbek Language, please review and try to pronounce them. Once you find pattern it will be easy to remember.

numbers in uzbek, learn uzbek numbers.

1bir34o'ttiz to'rt67oltmish yetti
2ikki35o'ttiz besh68oltmish sakkiz
3uch36o'ttiz olti69oltmish to'qqiz
4to'rt37o'ttiz yetti70yetmish
5besh38o'ttiz sakkiz71yetmish bir
6olti39o'ttiz to'qqiz72yetmish ikki
7yetti40qirq73yetmish uch
8sakkiz41qirq bir74yetmish to'rt
9to'qqiz42qirq ikki75yetmish besh
10o'n43qirq uch76yetmish olti
11o'n bir44qirq to'rt77yetmish yetti
12o'n ikki45qirq besh78yetmish sakkiz
13o'n uch46qirq olti79yetmish to'qqiz
14o'n to'rt47qirq yetti80sakson
15o'n besh48qirq sakkiz81sakson bir
16o'n olti49qirq to'qqiz82sakson ikki
17o'n yetti50ellik83sakson uch
18o'n sakkiz51ellik bir84sakson to'rt
19o'n to'qqiz52ellik ikki85sakson besh
20yigirma53ellik uch86sakson olti
21yigirma bir54ellik to'rt87sakson yetti
22yigirma ikki55ellik besh88sakson sakkiz
23yigirma uch56ellik olti89sakson to'qqiz
24yigirma to'rt57ellik yetti90to'qson
25yigirma besh58ellik sakkiz91to'qson bir
26yigirma olti59ellik to'qqiz92to'qson ikki
27yigirma yetti60oltmish93to'qson uch
28yigiıma sakkiz61oltmish bir94to'qson to'rt
29yigirına to'qqiz62oltmish ikki95to'qson besh
30o'ttiz63oltmish uch96to'qson olti
31o'ttiz bir64oltmish to'rt97to'qson yetti
32o'ttiz ikki65oltmish besh98to'qson sakkiz
33o'ttiz uch66oltmish olti99to'qson to'qqiz

100(bir) yuz101bir yuz bir
200ikki yuz215ikki yuz on besh
300uch yuz326uch yuz yigirma olti
400to'rt yuz433to'rt yuz o'ttiz uch
500besh yuz547besh yuz qirq yetti
600olti yuz658olti yuz ellik sakkiz
700yetti yuz769yetti yuz oltmish to'qqiz
800sakkiz yuz871sakkiz yuz yetmish bir
900to'qqiz yuz982to'qqiz yuz sakson ikki
1,000(bir) ming1,001bir ming bir
2,000ikki ming2,234ikki ming ikki yuz o'ttiz to'rt
3,000uch ming3,500uch ming besh yuz
4,000to'rt ming4,867to'rt ming sakkiz yuz oltmish yetti
10,000o'n ming10,500o'n ming besh yuz
42,000qirq ikki ming25,311yigirma besh ming uch yuz o'n bir
700,000yetti yuz ming250,300ikki yuz ellik ming uch yuz
1,000,000(bir) milyon1,500,000bir milyon besh yuz ming
2,000,000ikki milyon2,350,000ikki milyon uch yuz ellik ming
50,000,000ellik milyon

Ordinal numbers in Uzbek made by adding -nchi, -inchi to the number. In case of writing with numeric form one needs to add hyphen (-) to give meaning of ordinal. For example:

2nd school2-maktab5th page5-sahifa

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentagcs
one half (1/2)yarim (ikkidan bir)
one quarter (1/4)chorak (to'rtdan bir)
three quarters (3/4)to'rtdan uch
one third (1/3)uchdan bir
1.5bir yarim
5.8besh butun o'ndan sakkiz
7.25yetti butun yuzdan yigirma besh
10%o'n foiz
25%yigirma besh foiz

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Numbers in Uzbek - Complete set
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