February 5, 2012

Uzbek Numbers - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum!

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Please review previous lessons, learning Uzbek language is all about repeating/practicing previous posts and videos to memorize it, if not I recommend you do so, before starting new lesson. There is always gap between each lessons and I think, it is useful and reasonable time to have.

Now in this lesson we go back to basics and I prepared Uzbek Numbers (O'zbekcha Sonlar) video and some notes on that, so let's get started.

Video is relatively long, so take your time and replay as much as you feel is enough.

Here is the list of words.

# English O'zbekcha
0 zero nol
1 one bir
2 two ikki
3 three uch
4 four to'rt
5 five besh
6 six olti
7 seven yetti
8 eight sakkiz
9 nine to'qqiz
10 ten o'n
11 eleven o'n bir
12 twelve o'n ikki
13 thirteen o'n uch
14 fourteen o'n to'rt
15 fifteen o'n besh
16 sixteen o'n olti
17 seventeen o'n yetti
18 eighteen o'n sakkiz
19 nineteen o'n to'qqiz
20 twenty yigirma
30 thirty o'ttiz
40 fourty qirq
50 fifty ellik
60 sixty oltmish
70 seventy yetmish
80 eighty sakson
90 ninety to'qson
100 hundred yuz
1000 thousand ming
1000000 million million

Let me know if you having difficulty in pronunciation or making new numbers in Uzbek from given list above.


Uzbek Numbers - Learn Uzbek Language
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  1. It would be good if you put some more numbers in list like 150, 200 ,250, 300, 350 ... 950.