August 30, 2013

Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 2

Assalomu alaykum,

Like in English language we have also comparative adjectives in Uzbek language.
Comparative adjectivesSifat darajalari.

In Uzbek we have following similar types:

⑴ oddiy daraja - normal form or regular adjectives
⑵ orttirma daraja - superlative form of adjectives 
⑶ qiyosiy daraja - comparative adjectives 

⑴ This type of adjective does not have any suffixes and known to be core (base) of adjectives. 

Examples: yashil (green), yumshoq (soft), sariq (yellow), yengil (light [weight]), qattiq (hard), qisqa (short).

⑵  This type describe very high or low quantity of the objects or subjects. And usually made by adding following words front of the adjectives: juda (very), juda ham (greatly), g'oyat (extremely), g'oyatda, nihoyatda, eng, hammadan. (similar exaggerate words)

Examples: juda og'ir (very heavy), juda ham qattiq (greatly hard), g'oyat go'zal (extremely beautiful), g'oyatda bema'ni (truly nonsense), nihoyatda uzoq (very far), eng kuchli (greatly strong). 

⑶ This type of adjectives created by adding "-roq" to the base of adjectives and describe comparative quantity of the objects or subjects. 

Examples: qoraroq (blacker), uzunroq (longer), qattiqroq (harder), aqlliroq (smarter), torroq (narrower).

Besides above types there are another 2 form of adjectives in Uzbek. Namely,  Weaken (Ozaytirma) and Strengthen (Kuchaytirma) adjectives (sifatlar). 

1. Weaken adjectives describe less or light marks of the objects and subjects.

Examples: oq (white) - oqish (whitish), qora (black) - qoramtir (blackish), sariq (yellow) - sarg'ish (yellowish), qizil (red) - qizg'ish (reddish), yashil (green) - och yashil (greenish or light green). 

2. Strengthen adjectives vice versa, increase or strengthen the mark.

Examples: qora - qop-qora (very dark black), tim qora (strong black); oq - oppoq (very white or strong white), ko'k (blue) - ko'm-ko'k (strong/dark blue), tekis (smooth) - tep-tekis (very flat), yumaloq (round) - yum-yumaloq (very/even round), katta (big) - kap-katta (big enough), yolg'on (lie) - g'irt yolg'on (completely lie), ho'l (wet) - jiqqa ho'l (very wet), sariq (yellow) - sap-sariq (yellowish).

Here now continue audio lessons with Adjectives 2, part two adjectives in Uzbek. 
Same list of adjectives like we had in Adjectives 1, only now we see them in short Uzbek sentences. 

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the channel.

NOTE: from this lessons I try to include Uzbek transcripts of the audio in ID tag which is viewable from most audio players. In iPad you can push middle button until you see text and then you can scroll through lyrics. In Android phones native player usually shows the lyrics by default. As an example see picture:

uzbek adjectives, audio lyrics for uzbek audio lessons

Really hope it works, let me know if there is any issues

Video version with transcripts. For those who like to watch.

I hope you enjoy the lesson, please let me know if you have any questions!
You can also use forum for questions and answers so that someone else with similar question might find the answer for their questions. Feel free to contribute, add your answers or just share opinion.

Thank you and see you in next lesson.

Don't forget to practe!

Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 2
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August 27, 2013

Memrise - Uzbek Learning tool

Assalomu alaykum,

Quick tips, remember when we talked about Anki tool that can help you to learn vocabulary in Uzbek?!
memrise uzbek, learn uzbek language in memrise, uzbek language tips

Few days back I find out about Memrise (memory rise) language learning tool. And I think it is kinda fun to test new tools and use them to learn Uzbek or any other language.

Number of lessons in Uzbek is limited, but you can get started with Everyday Uzbek, perhaps we will create more interesting levels with different topics. In future, we will expand this course and possibly create new ones. Join course and start planting... :)

Memrise even has app for smartphones (Apple devices, Android devices) where you can even make lessons available for offline use. App can download entire course and let you practice offline.

After you start learning you kinda start planting plants, and every now and then tool asks you to water plants (review what you have learned earlier) to refresh memory and learn for long terms.

Practice and see if tool helps you to stay motivated!


Memrise - Uzbek Learning tool
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August 24, 2013

About Samarkand Bread

Assalomu alaykum,

If you travel to Uzbekistan, you must try Samarkand bread (Samarqand noni). As one says, even with bakers from Samarkand tried to bake bread in other parts of the country, couldn't get same taste and flavor. That is why it is only made in Samarkand with its water, air and ancient wisdom.

Whenever I travel to my home Bukhara, train pass by Samarkand, and we get a chance to take some of these yummy breads. hmm I miss the taste of Uzbek bread...

Have you had a pleasure of tasting Samarkand bread? Share your experience...


About Samarkand Bread
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August 21, 2013

Quiz: Uzbek Adjectives, part 1

Assalomu alaykum,

Today I have prepared quiz about Adjectives, that we learned in last post.

quiz in uzbek adjectives, uzbek adjectives quiz

I hope you had time to review it, Adjectives in Uzbek. If not, please do so before you start this quiz.

You can also find and download audio from previous lesson and practice on go anytime, anywhere. Subscribe to Youtube channel, follow on SoundCloud to not miss any audio and video lessons.

Omad, Ko'rishguncha! (good luck and see you in next lesson)

Quiz: Adjectives, part 1
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August 18, 2013

Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 1

Assalomu alaykum,

Today we learn adjectives in Uzbek, part one. 

Adjectives describe marks of the subjects and objects. Words that answer questions like "How?", "What kind?"(Qanday?), "Which kind?" (Qanaqa), "Which?" (Qaysi) is also considered to be adjectives.

Adjective has following types with respect to their meaning:
  • specific characteristics meaning
yaxshi-good, yomon-bad, aqlli-smart, sergak-alert, so‘zamol-fluent, yoqimtoy-pleasant, odobli-wellbehaved, chaqqon-quickly, sun'iy-artificial, tabiiy-natural, ajoyib-wonderful!

  • state meaning
go‘zal-beautiful, erkin-freely, suluv-pretty, cho‘loq-lame, cho‘tir-pitted, soqov-dumb, kar-deaf, ko‘r-blind, sovuq-cold, tinch-peaceful, yangi-new, boy-rich

  • color and appearance meaning
oq-white, qora-black, sariq-yellow, kul rang-gray, qizil-red, ko'k-blue

  • shape and view meaning
yapaloq-flat, tekis-smooth, dumaloq-round, qiyshiq-twisted, do'ng-hilly

  • distance, dimension and size meaning
keng-wide, tor-narrow, chuqur-deep, katta-big, kichik-small, uzun-long

  • taste, flavor meaning
shirin-sweet, achchiq-chilly, nordon-sour, sho‘r-salty, mazali-tasty

  • smell meaning
xushbo'y-aromatic, sassiq-stinky, muattar-fragrant, qo‘lansa-disgusting

  • weight meaning
og‘ir-heavy, yengil-light

  • position and moment relationship meaning
yozgi-summertime, qishki-wintertime, avvalgi-previous, dastlabki-initial, kechki-evening time, tashqi-external, ichki-internal, quyidagi-following

And now we have audio section for Uzbek Adjectives, part 1.

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the channel.

Follows vocabulary list for above audio...

Adjectives 1
an old lady qari ayol
a curious lady qiziqqon ayol
a new car yangi avtomobil
a fast car tez-yurar avtomobil
a comfortable car shinam avtomobil
a blue dress ko'k ko'ylak
a red dress qizil ko'ylak
a green dress yashil ko'ylak
a black bag qora sumka
a brown bag jigar sumka
a white bag oq sumka
nice people yaxshi kishilar
polite people xushmuomala kishilar
interesting people qiziqarli kishilar
loving children sevimli bolalar
cheeky children qo'pol or sho'x bolalar
well-behaved children odobli bolalar

And Youtube video with vocabulary/transcription included...

I hope you will enjoy this lesson, note that this is not everything about Adjectives in Uzbek Language, we will cover some parts in the following posts. Stay tuned! Meanwhile don't forget to practice and leave your comments and questions below!


Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 1
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August 17, 2013

Learn Uzbek audio (playlist)

Assalomu alaykum,

Audio/Video playlist of all uploads that we have in our Youtube channel. Perhaps some of you have "Weekend Learning Practice".

Let's practice! Coming up, Grammar lesson in Adjectives. Also notice that there has been updated pages (Contact Me, Become guest and Forum). Let me know what do you think about these pages and hope it help us to get in touch!

Ko'rishguncha va Omad (See you and Good luck)

Learn Uzbek audio (playlist)
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August 11, 2013

Uzbek audio lessons - Countries and languages

Assalomu alaykum,

Past week I have been working to make video version of the Getting to know others and At school audio lessons. And instead of making separate post about them I have updated same posts. You can review them in the same post by going from above links.
This video transcripts are really great for those who are fun of watching Youtube videos like myself. :)

Today, new audio lessons titled: Countries and Languages in Uzbek with audio as well as video versions.

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the channel. And Youtube video version

Now that we made 5 audio lessons in Uzbek, keep an eye on next lessons, it will be more about grammars and quizzes...

Don't hesitate to post questions below in the comments and don't forget to practice! :)


Uzbek audio lessons - Countries and languages
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August 1, 2013

Uzbek video lessons - Family members

Assalomu alaykum,

This is the video version of earlier audio about Family Members in Uzbek.

We had video about family back in the year of 2012, but this video has some part that are missing.
I hope you will get something out of it!

This is the other video lessons about family members...

Good luck! and Thank you for watching! Do not forget to practice!

Uzbek video lessons - Family members
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