August 18, 2013

Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 1

Assalomu alaykum,

Today we learn adjectives in Uzbek, part one. 

Adjectives describe marks of the subjects and objects. Words that answer questions like "How?", "What kind?"(Qanday?), "Which kind?" (Qanaqa), "Which?" (Qaysi) is also considered to be adjectives.

Adjective has following types with respect to their meaning:
  • specific characteristics meaning
yaxshi-good, yomon-bad, aqlli-smart, sergak-alert, so‘zamol-fluent, yoqimtoy-pleasant, odobli-wellbehaved, chaqqon-quickly, sun'iy-artificial, tabiiy-natural, ajoyib-wonderful!

  • state meaning
go‘zal-beautiful, erkin-freely, suluv-pretty, cho‘loq-lame, cho‘tir-pitted, soqov-dumb, kar-deaf, ko‘r-blind, sovuq-cold, tinch-peaceful, yangi-new, boy-rich

  • color and appearance meaning
oq-white, qora-black, sariq-yellow, kul rang-gray, qizil-red, ko'k-blue

  • shape and view meaning
yapaloq-flat, tekis-smooth, dumaloq-round, qiyshiq-twisted, do'ng-hilly

  • distance, dimension and size meaning
keng-wide, tor-narrow, chuqur-deep, katta-big, kichik-small, uzun-long

  • taste, flavor meaning
shirin-sweet, achchiq-chilly, nordon-sour, sho‘r-salty, mazali-tasty

  • smell meaning
xushbo'y-aromatic, sassiq-stinky, muattar-fragrant, qo‘lansa-disgusting

  • weight meaning
og‘ir-heavy, yengil-light

  • position and moment relationship meaning
yozgi-summertime, qishki-wintertime, avvalgi-previous, dastlabki-initial, kechki-evening time, tashqi-external, ichki-internal, quyidagi-following

And now we have audio section for Uzbek Adjectives, part 1.

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Follows vocabulary list for above audio...

Adjectives 1
an old lady qari ayol
a curious lady qiziqqon ayol
a new car yangi avtomobil
a fast car tez-yurar avtomobil
a comfortable car shinam avtomobil
a blue dress ko'k ko'ylak
a red dress qizil ko'ylak
a green dress yashil ko'ylak
a black bag qora sumka
a brown bag jigar sumka
a white bag oq sumka
nice people yaxshi kishilar
polite people xushmuomala kishilar
interesting people qiziqarli kishilar
loving children sevimli bolalar
cheeky children qo'pol or sho'x bolalar
well-behaved children odobli bolalar

And Youtube video with vocabulary/transcription included...

I hope you will enjoy this lesson, note that this is not everything about Adjectives in Uzbek Language, we will cover some parts in the following posts. Stay tuned! Meanwhile don't forget to practice and leave your comments and questions below!


Uzbek grammar lessons - Adjectives 1
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