May 20, 2013

Uzbek Phrasebook v3.0 (audio) - Travelers pack

Assalomu alaykum,

After long break, I decided to make yet another phrasebook. Subject of this phrasebook is Travel.
Whether you travel or not, I think there is some essential phrases which will help you communicate and find your way around.

Basic Uzbek for travelers
yes / no ha / yo'q
please / thanks iltimos / rahmat
You are welcome! (for a favor) Arzimaydi!
Excuse me Kechirasiz
left / right chap / o'ng
Turn left / Turn right Chapga buriling / O'ngga buriling
Go straight ahead! To'g'riga yuravering!
Stop! / Don't stop! To'xtang! / To'xtamang!
downstairs / upstairs pastgi qavat / yuqorigi qavat
Help Yordam
Look out Ehtiyot bo'ling
I don't understand Tushunmadim
I can't speak Uzbek (well). Men Uzbekcha (yaxshi) gaplashmayman.
Do you speak English? Siz inglizcha gaplashasizmi?
Is there someone who speaks English? Inglizcha gapiradiganlar bormi?
Where is the restroom/toilets? Hojatxona qayerda?
Excuse me, Where is the ticket office? Kechirasiz, Kassa qayerda?
Where can I buy a ticket? Qayerdan bilet olsam bo'ladi?
I want to go to ... Men ...-ga bormoqchiman.
I want a ticket to ... Men ...-ga bilet olmoqchiman.
I would like a one-way ticket (a round-trip). Borish bileti(Borish-kelish bileti)-ni olmoqchiman.
Do I pay in dollars or in sum? Dollar bilan to'laymanmi, so'm bilanmi?
You must pay in sum. So'm bilan to'lash kerak.
You can pay in either. Farqi yo'q.
Can I reserve a place? Bir joyni buyurtma qilsam bo'ladimi?
How long does the trip take? Necha soatda boramiz?
Is it a direct route? To'xtamasdan boradimi?
taxi taksi
Where can I get a taxi? Qayerda taksiga chiqsam bo'ladi?
Please could you get me a taxi? Menga taksi chaqirib bering, iltimos?
Can you take me to ...? ...-ga borasizmi?
Please take me to ... Meni ...-ga oboring.
How much will it cost to ...? ...-ga qancha bo'ladi?
To this address, please! Shu adresga oborib qo'ying, iltimos!
I am in hurry! Shoshyapman!
Please drive more slowly! Sekinroq haydang, iltimos!
Stop the car, I want to get out. To'xtativoring, men tushaman.
These are my bags. Mana mening sumkalarim.
Please wait here! Shu yerda kutib turing, iltimos!
Entrance / Exit Kirish / Chiqish
Ladies / Gents Ayollar / Erkaklar
Open / Closed Ochiq / Yopiq

Tried to cover most general phrases, please do let me know if there is anything missing, mistakes, want addition, etc.

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the Blog. In the upcoming lesson, I hope to merge all this audios together to one video with list of phrases. As always I hope you get something out of this lesson.


Uzbek Phrasebook v3.0 (audio) - Travelers pack
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