January 31, 2012

Interactive Alphabet - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum,

Here is the interactive version of the Uzbek Alphabet with pronunciation - O'zbek Alifbosi talafuz bilan

You can click any letter to listen and learn

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Interactive Alphabet - Learn Uzbek Language
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January 21, 2012

Few tips (Research) - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum!

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from hpathy
Bugun I have decided to do some research and here is few tips for Learning Uzbek more efficiently and faster.

As you might already know I am focusing mostly quick way of learning Uzbek language which is speaking and using phrases in practice.
In my previous posts you can find few videos that will help you get started.

First let me give credits for the resources I use to make lessons.

  • Colloquial Uzbek, a mini course from Kurtulus Öztupcu.
  • O'zbek tilining tarixiy grammatikas, S. Jalilov
  • Uzbek language competencies  for peace corps volonteers in Uzbekistan from Ismatulla, Xayrulla; Clark, Larry.
  • Uzbek, an elementary textbook from Nigora Azimova
  • Essay on Uzbek history, culture and language from Baxtiyor A. Nazarov and Denis Sinor.
  • Comprehensive Uzbek English dictionary from Jahangir Mamatov, Michael Horlick, Karamat Kadirova.
  • Uzbek glossary, Ismanov, Zangori kema and book2 websites.

Please contact me if you find any material that is not referenced here! Thank you.

Now we continue with links to various different good sites that attempt to teach Uzbek and have some very good and interesting materials that I think is useful to review.

"My language" team who did hard work to build learn languaging website. And they have very good starting lessons, You can follow link to find more information about Uzbek Grammar and Vocabulary: MyLanguages

Some other bookmark websites, please don't hesitate to contact me if any of them seem inappropriate/broken!



Uzbek language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - About Uzbek language
Introduction to Uzbek Structures Course - nice place to start Uzbek language, site has 5 lessons.
Uzbek Glossary - very rich glossary source.

Confessions of a Language Addict: Self-Talk Uzbek Mini-Course - mini course for beginners
Global Language Online Support System - interative Uzbek lessons, check out!
Headstart2 - Uzbek
Uzbek Audio Lessons
wayback archieve Uzbek
UCLA Language Materials Project: Language Profile
Uzbek alphabet, pronunciation and language
Özbek Türkçesi Sözlüğü
Tourism in Uzbekistan - Travel to Uzbekistan with Dolores Travel Services - Uzbekistan tours
Learning Uzbek: Overview - Transparent Language
gbarto.com's intro to Uzbek
Page F30: Simple Uzbek - English vocabulary list
Uzbek tense, aspect and modality
Page F30: Great example of spoken Uzbek on YouTube

Useful Uzbek phrases
Uzbek Phrases
Language Materials
BBCUzbek.com Radio Player
Uzbek, Northern audio Bible Stories and Lessons. Evangelism tools, church planting resources, Christian songs and audio bible study tools. Download mp3s free.
Learn Uzbek language :: Speaking Uzbek. The official Uzbekistan language
BBC Uzbek - Lotinda
Yangiliklar | Uzbek
CeLCAR: Textbooks
Uzbek Textbook Volume 1
uzbek - So you want to learn a language
uzbek - links4languages
Uzbek Intermediate Reading and Listening Project
'Uzbek Intermediate Video and Audio Modules
Online Language Survival Kit
Uzbek courses

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Few tips (Research) - Learn Uzbek Language
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January 20, 2012

PhraseBook v1.0 (video) - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomy alaykum! (Hello)

Bugun (today) as I promised in my early post

Here is the short phrase book for Uzbek language, I call it PhraseBook 1.0 as I hope to make more similar videos.
You can go ahead and open previous post check the list and other additional information which I might not consider in this video...

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PhraseBook v1.0 (video) - Learn Uzbek Language
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January 14, 2012

PhraseBook v1.0 - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum (Hello)

Bugun (today), we are going to learn basic everyday short phrasebook.

Speaking in Uzbek - O'zbekcha gapiramiz

English O'zbekcha
Hello Assalomu alaykum
Hi Salom
Good morning Xayrli tong
Good day Xayrli kun
Good afternoon Xayrli kech
Good night Xayrli tun
What is your name? Ismingiz nima
Let me introduce myself Ruxsat eting, o'zimni tanishtiray
My name is ... Mening ismim ...
I am glad to meet you Tanishganimdan xursandman
How are you? (often) Qalaysiz? (common) Yaxshimisiz? (rare) Tuzukmisiz? ...
I am fine, thank you Yaxshiman, rahmat
Where do you come from? Qayerdan siz?
I come from ... Men ...dan keldim
I am from ... Men ...danman
Good bye Xayr
See you Ko'rishguncha

This short phrasebook is very short, but I think it has very basic knowledge of speaking.

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the Blog.

In upcoming video lesson there will be pronunciation of above phrases.

UPDATE: video is available here

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previous lesson 

PhraseBook v1.0 - Learn Uzbek Language
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January 7, 2012

About Uzbekistan

Assalomu alaykum,

Here is short introduction videos about Uzbekistan!

Just to get feeling what language and what culture we have in Uzbekistan, and when you talk with any Uzbek, you feel culture has its affection on behavior as well as in language.



About Uzbekistan
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January 1, 2012

Alphabet (Alifbo) - Learn Uzbek Language

Hello - Assalomu alaykum!

This is a blog where you learn basics of Uzbek language, with exact Pronunciation. Blog owner myself is not professional language teacher, but I am native Uzbek guy, who like own language and enjoy using it as well as enjoy listening when other talking in Uzbek. I will update blog as often as I can, and video channel in Youtube gets updated once in a month with new video lesson. I wish you very good luck throughout learning process, and I try my best to cover everything from basic to higher levels. At the same time if any of fellow Uzbeks wants to contribute in any way, all welcome to contact at onatili@gmail.com.

So here is First lesson

Learning Alphabet - Alfabetni o'rganish

Pronunciation of letters in our next video

When we say "Ona tili" we refer as Mother tongue (Uzbek Language) if I use Ona tili in my future posts I refer Uzbek Language.
Here is link for Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/UzbekLanguage subscribe for video updates, as well as join to this blog to don't miss next lessons.

Alphabet (Alifbo) - Learn Uzbek Language
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