January 14, 2012

PhraseBook v1.0 - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum (Hello)

Bugun (today), we are going to learn basic everyday short phrasebook.

Speaking in Uzbek - O'zbekcha gapiramiz

English O'zbekcha
Hello Assalomu alaykum
Hi Salom
Good morning Xayrli tong
Good day Xayrli kun
Good afternoon Xayrli kech
Good night Xayrli tun
What is your name? Ismingiz nima
Let me introduce myself Ruxsat eting, o'zimni tanishtiray
My name is ... Mening ismim ...
I am glad to meet you Tanishganimdan xursandman
How are you? (often) Qalaysiz? (common) Yaxshimisiz? (rare) Tuzukmisiz? ...
I am fine, thank you Yaxshiman, rahmat
Where do you come from? Qayerdan siz?
I come from ... Men ...dan keldim
I am from ... Men ...danman
Good bye Xayr
See you Ko'rishguncha

This short phrasebook is very short, but I think it has very basic knowledge of speaking.

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In upcoming video lesson there will be pronunciation of above phrases.

UPDATE: video is available here

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PhraseBook v1.0 - Learn Uzbek Language
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  1. what is difference between 'Tanishganimdan xursandman' and 'Tanishgandan xursandman'?

    1. Hello Iskandar,

      1. Tanishganimdan xursandman - I am happy to meet you (Nice to meet you or Glad to meet you).
      2. Tanishgandan xursandman - Glad to got to know.

      Not much of difference...maybe
      2nd doesn't say exactly from knowing what you get glad. It can be something new, idea, project overview, person, etc. and in past tense rarely used for respond to newly met people.
      1st is present tense, and it is known that subject is indeed glad to meet. often used this form in speech.

      hope it makes sense...