December 20, 2012

Quiz: Suffixations in Uzbek

Assalomu alaykum,

In this lesson we briefly practice suffixes in Uzbek. Please take a moment to review previous lesson about suffixations here.

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After you review previous lesson, take your time to do short quiz and then to see you results simply click Submit button, after that try again until you get all questions correct. Answers button shows you correct answers. Good luck!

  1. He is at the library. - __________________.
  2. U kutubxonagaU kutubxonadaKutubxonadaKutubxonaga

  3. three books - _________________
  4. uch kitobkitoblaruch kitoblar

  5. We are from Uzbekistan. - Biz O'zbekistan______.
  6. -dan-danmiz-ga

  7. Children are still in the school. - Bolalar hamon maktab______.
  8. -dan-danmiz-da-ga

  9. my child - ____________
  10. mening bolamseni bolanguning bolasi

  11. This is my pencil - ________________.
  12. Bu qalamimU mening qalamimBu mening qalamim

  13. She lives in England. - U Angliyada ___________.
  14. yashadiyashaydiyashayapti

  15. to come - _______
  16. keldikelgankelmoq

  17. my son's cat - __________
  18. qizimning mushugio'g'limning mushuko'g'lim mushugio'g'limning mushugi

Please let me know if there is any errors or mistakes!


Quiz: Suffixations in Uzbek
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  1. How do you make these quizes? I need them. Please give the instructions to me.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mehmet.

      They are just Javascript code. You can look for them from page source.

      Have fun!
      Learn Uzbek language

    2. did you make it? the script is great and simple. May i use it?

    3. I have tested it, and it works! By the way, do you have facebook account? I'm learning Uzbek and i have no native speaker to correct my sentences.

    4. of course, you can! glad that it worked out for you! there is Facebook page link upper right hand side, post any question there, I and other Uzbek learners can help you...see on facebook page Learn Uzbek Language