October 27, 2013

Uzbek audio lessons - Time

Assalomu alaykum!

Today, we learn Time in Uzbek language with next episode - 11 from Uzbek audio lessons.

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I have also mentioned that each mp3 file has lyrics embedded, so you should be able to see transcript while listening. Please let me know if you don't see text from chosen media player. I hope majority audio/media player shows lyrics by default. You can now learn and study Uzbek offline, I have added PDF file at the end of this lesson so you can download and study and print the lesson.

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Here is the English - Uzbek transcript of the audio
eleveno'n bir
Excuse me Kechirasiz
What time is it? Soat necha?
Thank you very muchKatta rahmat
it's one o'clocksoat bir
it's two o'clocksoat ikki
it's three o'clocksoat uch
it's four o'clocksoat to'rt
it's five o'clocksoat besh
it's six o'clocksoat olti
it's seven o'clocksoat yetti
it's eight o'clocksoat sakkiz
it's nine o'clocksoat to'qqiz
it's ten o'clocksoat o'n
it's eleven o'clocksoat o'n bir
it's twelve o'clocksoat o'n ikki
it's half past fivesoat besh yarim
it's half past eightsoat sakkiz yarim
it's quarter past sixsoat oltidan chorak o'tdi
it's quarter to ninesoat chorak kam to'qqiz
a minute has sixty secondsdaqiqa oltmish soniyadan iborat
an hour has sixty minutessoat oltmish daqiqadan iborat
a day has twenty four hourskun yigirma to'rt soatdan iborat

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Uzbek audio lessons - Time
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