November 3, 2013

Uzbek audio lessons - Days of the week

Assalomu alaykum,

Today, we learn Days of the week in Uzbek language.

Hafta is the word came from Persian in Uzbek language (haft - yetti) unit for seven days. Work week starts with Monday, first day of the week in Uzbekistan - Dushanba, but translation from Persian would be (Du - ikki - two) which is second day of the week. At the same time translation of (Sunday)
Yakshanba would be (Yak - bir - one) first day, but in Uzbekistan it is seventh day.

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Here is the transcript of the audio!
twelveo'n ikki
Days of the weekHafta kunlari
Monday Dushanba
Tuesday Seshanba
Wednesday Chorshanba
Thursday Payshanba
Friday Juma
Saturday Shanba
Sunday Yakshanba
Thursday Payshanba
the weekhafta
from Monday to SundayDushanbadan Yakshanbagacha
first day is Mondaybirinchi kun Dushanba
second day is Tuesdayikkinchi kun Seshanba
third day is Wednesdayuchinchi kun Chorshanba
fourth day is Thursdayto'rtinchi kun Payshanba
fifth day is Fridaybeshinchi kun Juma
sixth day is Saturdayoltinchi kun Shanba
seventh day is Sundayyettinchi kun Yakshanba
The week has seven daysHafta yetti kundan iborat
We only work five daysBiz faqat besh kun ishlaymiz
Monday through FridayDushanbadan Jumagacha

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Uzbek audio lessons - Days of the week
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