October 19, 2013

Uzbek audio lessons - Numbers

Assalomu alaykum,

Today, We continue our audio lessons series with episode 10 - Numbers in Uzbek. Some notes before we start lesson.

You might already seen, I have updated some lessons that has audio embedded from Soundcloud. Instead of using another service which makes audio posting bit complex and time consuming. I decided to stay simple and attach audio in a post with HTML5, if your browser doesn't support it then will play audio with Flash player. Another reason is that limit on Soundcloud, 2 hours which will run out sooner or later. Although, I like Soundcloud service, they have limited features for free accounts.

Instead, I keep audio files in my Dropbox like I always do and share them directly.
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----- Now, on with the lesson... enjoy -----

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Transcript for Uzbek Numbers in audio can also be viewed lyrics id tag for mp3 file.
ten o'n
numbers sonlar
I count Men sanayman.
I count to three Men uchgacha sanayman.
one, two, three bir, ikki, uch
I count further Men sanashda davom etaman.
four, five, six to'rt, besh, olti
seven, eight, nine yetti, sakkiz, to'qqiz
I count Men sanayman
You count Sen sanaysan
He/She counts U sanaydi
We count Biz sanaymiz
You count Siz sanaysiz
They count Ular sanaydilar
one/first bir/birinchi
two/second ikki/ikkinchi
three/third uch/uchinchi
four/forth to'rt/to'rtinchi
five/fifth besh/beshinchi
six/sixth olti/oltinchi
seven/seventh yetti/yettinchi
eight/eigth sakkiz/sakkizinchi
nine/ninth to'qqiz/to'qqizinchi
ten/tenth o'n/o'ninchi
twenty yigirma
thirty o'ttiz
fourty qirq
fifty ellik
sixty oltmish
seventy yetmish
eighty sakson
ninety to'qson
hundred yuz
five hundred besh yuz
thousand ming
five thousand besh ming
million milion

Video from earlier lessons...

Let me know if you have any questions!
Ko'rishguncha! (See you!)

Uzbek audio lessons - Numbers
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  1. thank you so much for these lessons!

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      I am glad if lessons are somewhat helpful! Please feel free to look around the blog and follow, subscribe to be up to date!