August 11, 2013

Uzbek audio lessons - Countries and languages

Assalomu alaykum,

Past week I have been working to make video version of the Getting to know others and At school audio lessons. And instead of making separate post about them I have updated same posts. You can review them in the same post by going from above links.
This video transcripts are really great for those who are fun of watching Youtube videos like myself. :)

Today, new audio lessons titled: Countries and Languages in Uzbek with audio as well as video versions.

Download the MP3 and Please subscribe to the channel. And Youtube video version

Now that we made 5 audio lessons in Uzbek, keep an eye on next lessons, it will be more about grammars and quizzes...

Don't hesitate to post questions below in the comments and don't forget to practice! :)


Uzbek audio lessons - Countries and languages
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