November 21, 2012

The Most Commonly used words and phrases - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum,

As I promised this lesson is about most commonly used words and phrases in Uzbek language.

Before we start the lesson I want to take your attention to the previous lesson. I had improved previous lesson with your valuable feedbacks. Please take a look, if it was difficult to learn first time. Link for Negative Sentences in Uzbek language.

English Uzbek English Uzbek
Yes Ha No Yo'q
Thank you Rahmat Thank you very much Katta rahmat
You are welcome Arzimaydi Please Iltimos (or Marhamat qilib)
Excuse me Kechirasiz Good Yaxshi (or Soz)
Very good Juda yaxshi (or Juda soz) Not good Yaxshi emas
Bad Yomon Very bad Juda yomon
Not bad Yomon emas Very Juda (or Ko'p)
Very much Juda ko'p Little Oz
Very little Juda oz Much/Many Juda
O.K Bo'pti (or Xo'p) Certainly Albatta
Maybe Ehtimol That's right To'g'ri
Not right Noto'g'ri With pleasure Bajonidil
Help Yordam (or Madad) I apologize Uzr
I am sorry Kechirasiz (or Uzr) Possible Mumkin
Impossible Mumkin emas Sir/Mr. Janob
Lady/Mrs. Xonim I know Bilaman
I don't know Bilmayman I understand Tushunaman
I don't understand Tushunmayman - -
I want (it) Istayman (or Xohlayman) I don't want (it) Istamayman (or Xohlamayman)
Please repeat Marhamat qilib takrorlang Please speak slowly Marhamat qilib sekinroq so'zlang

Knowing this phrases and words can help you a lot with every conversation.I assure you if you learn this words and phrases, you can make small conversations now. Repeat them and learn them. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to post comments.

Coming up: Grammar - Suffixations in Uzbek Language


The Most Commonly used words and phrases - Learn Uzbek Language
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