September 12, 2013

Welcome to Guest Posts (Mehmonimiz bo'ling)

Assalomu alaykum,

In this series of the posts, we invite everyone to be our guest (Mehmonimiz bo'ling!). By being our guest, you are allowed to publish your own Uzbek culture and Language related content.
become guest uzbek language, mehmonimin bo'ling o'zbek tili

Are you student, who is learning Uzbek language and want to share your experience?
Are you teacher, who is teaching Uzbek locally?
Are you native Uzbek, who wants to contribute?
Are you traveler, who has traveled or plan to travel Uzbekistan?

Come and join us, share your thoughts to number of readers. We have readers from

United States





South Korea


Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom

and 57 other countries. That's really amazing, isn't it!

THANK YOU for everyone, for visiting us!!!
"Did you know? Prior 1922, Uzbek was written in Latin script, but after Sovet Union invasion, it was changed to Cyrillic script until 1991. Now Uzbek is officially written in Latin again."
Now, in order to publish your content, please go to the Become Guest page from menu or use this link. Using this form you can quickly submit your post. What happens next is that we get notified about new content and all we have to do, is to check formatting and click "publish" button.

Here is the explanation of the fields:

Name - is your name that will appear in the post and you will get authorship for this post.

E-mail - is used to send your content to us, which will not be used for other purposes.

Google+ profile link - is optional but we encourage you to send profile id if possible that will make authorship easy. And SEO can detect and link you profile. numbers are your profile id. Including number is sufficient.

Author byline - is short introduction about yourself, you may include link to your website or work. This content will be posted as an author's biography and works. If you are teacher, please use links or address to help others to discover your work and hopefully gain more students.

Submission title - is title of the post. Please choose title related to the post content, not longer than 6 words.

Submission content - is the content. There is no limit for number of words. And new line and paragraphs will appear as it is. If you have video/audio or pictures in you post, please email them separately to and mention where in post they should be located. You can use even HTML tags, if you are familiar with it.

Suggested labels - are the categories this post belongs, example of categories can be found from right hand side from Topics section.

Company or site title - is used if have website, or business that has a title and webpage. This can be used when you have similar website and want readers to use it as an additional resources.

Site URL - is for site links, please post entire link, otherwise we might not be able to read and post it. This is optional field.

And don't forget to click Submit button, if every thing works alright, we will contact you soon after and publish content within days.

If you have any questions, please contact us

We have number of planned Uzbek guests! Stay in touch!

Ko'rishguncha! See you!

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