April 27, 2012

PhraseBook v2.0 - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaykum,

In my previous posts about Uzbek phrasebook, I mentioned that I will make another version of short Uzbek phrasebook video. So here we are after few more lessons and exercises we have another, phrasebook v2.0 short video.

This phrasebook intended to the subject of "express yourself".

English O'zbekcha
I like ... something
people and strong likes
or in general
Menga ... yoqadi.
Men ...-ni yaxshi ko'raman.
Men ...-ni yoqtiraman.
I don't like ... Menga ... yoqmaydi.
Men ...-ni yomon ko'raman.
Men ...-ni yoqtirmayman.
I want ...something Men ... olmoqchiman.

Menga ... kerak.
Men ...-ni xoxlayman.
I want to (leave). Men (ket)moqchiman.

I don't want ... Menga ... kerak emas.
Men ...-ni xoxlamayman.

I don't want to (leave) Men (ket)moqchimasman.
Ketgim kelmayapti.

I know. Bilaman.

I don't know. Bilmadim.

Do you understand? Tushunasizmi?

I understand. Tushunaman.

I don't understand. Tushunmadim.

I am sorry! Afsus.*
Xafa bo'lmang.*
Meni kechiring.**
or just Kechiring.
It's important. Bu muhim narsa.
or just Bu muhim.

It doesn't matter. Hech nima qilmaydi.

You are welcome. Arzimaydi.

I am grateful. Minnatdorman.

No problem! Xo'p!
or Muammosi yo'q.
here is/here are ... Mana ...

Is everything OK? Hamma narsa joyidami?
or Hammasi joyidami?

danger! xafvli!

How do you spell that? Qanaqa yoziladi?

* when you talking about situation.
** when you ask forgiveness or apologize.

I hope you will enjoy from today's post as much as I enjoyed making it.

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Did I miss something? Please let me know, your favorite parts and what would you want to learn for the next lesson, in the comments.

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PhraseBook v2.0 - Learn Uzbek Language
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