May 3, 2012

Short dialog in Uzbek (introduce) - Learn Uzbek Language

Assalomu alaylum,

Today, we are going to form short dialog from what we have learned so far. If we look back there is a quite number of words in previous lessons. So let's form short dialog, try to be more creative, use your imagination to extend following short dialog.

Aziza. Assalomu alaykum.
Javoxir. Assalomu alaykum. (or Vaaleykum assalom)
Aziza. Mening ismim Aziza. Sizning ismingiz nima?
Javoxir. Mening ismim Javoxir.
Aziza. Tanishganimdan xursandman, Javoxir.
Javoxir. Men ham, Aziza.
Aziza. Men Toshkentda yashayman. Siz qayerda yashaysiz?
Javoxir. Men Buxoroda yashayman.
Aziza. (she sees her friend and says) O Kechirasiz, Javoxir! Muhim ishim chiqib qoldi. Ketishim kerak.
Javoxir. Hech qisi yo'q.
Aziza. Ko'rishguncha!
Javoxir. Ko'rishguncha!

Most of words in dialog already have been used in different lessons. Try to combine what you have learned during last ~10 lessons. You can find vocabulary list below.  Please don't hesitate to leave comments or your own version of short dialog, I will try to give feedbacks.

Vocabulary list

O'zbekcha English
sizning your
xursand glad
Men ... yashayman  I live ...
siz  you 
qayerda where
kechirasiz sorry
muhim important
ishim chiqib qoldi something came up
ish work (but in example, it means "something")
ketishim kerak have to leave
hech qisi yo'q
it's okay
ko'rishgunchasee you.

As always, I hope you get something out of this lesson.
Did I miss something? Is something unclear? Leave it in comments!


Short dialog in Uzbek (introduce) - Learn Uzbek Language
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