September 13, 2012

Audiobook - Utkir Hoshimov, Daftar hoshiyasidagi bitiklar Part 1

Assalomu alaykum,

While I was a away for Summer Vacation, I thought of making Audiobook in Uzbek Language that could help for advanced learners as well as beginners. I started with small book, one of my favorite author O'tkir Hoshimov and his small book "Daftar hoshiyasidagi bitiklar" translation would be (Writings in the margin of notebook) not sure though if it gives still correct meaning here, but anyway, the point is I hope you will all get to learn something out of this Audiobook. It is not finished yet, but I can post part that is ready.

About book: It is a collection of notes that author try to put in small book, about his experiences and thoughts, including small stories.

Here is the Book you can follow as you listen.

Check out 2nd part of this book here: Audiobook - Utkir Hoshimov, Daftar hoshiyasidagi bitiklar Part 2

Good luck, and have fun!

Audiobook - Utkir Hoshimov, Daftar hoshiyasidagi bitiklar, Part 1
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  1. You did really a great job sharing this masterpiece with others yet you'd better practice more on your pronunciation of Uzbek [o'] sound which is pronounced in two ways: soft and hard. Your [o'] is always the soft one. I am sure this is the impact from your regional/local accent. This is just a candid opinion tough. No offense. :) But anyway, thanks for the effort you made!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing and for making the audibook, keep it up bro!

  3. I really appreciate your skilled approach. These square measure items of terribly helpful data which will be of nice use on behalf of me in future.